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City of Swansea Concert Band

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Swansea is located in South Wales, UK and overlooks the sea. It is on the edge of the Gower Peninsular, an officially designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, popular for tourism. Swansea is also the gateway for the magnificent West Wales coastline.

Views of Swansea

There are numerous Web sites with information about  Swansea and the Gower Peninsula. A good site to start with is: http://www.explore-gower.co.uk/

A well designed site, with lots of animated photos, promoting Swansea's many charms can be found at www.welshwales.co.uk.

Another excellent site, www.swansea-gower.co.uk, produced by the The Gower Information Company, is packed with information about Swansea and Gower.

In the summer months, our band performs outdoors in the Swansea area and on Gower. In the colder months (except of course for Xmas), we naturally tend to play indoors, and that goes for our Annual Concert which is usually given in the Taliesin Theatre in Swansea University.

       Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay and Gower
as seen from the space shuttle