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City of Swansea Concert Band

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Contacts from interested Parties


Name Year Type Country Nature
Musik-Land Travel Agency 2007 Band Hungary Invitation to Hungary in 2008
Peter Egold 2007 Band Germany Invitation to The International Wind Orchestra Festival 2008 in Bad Orb
Miranda Lin 2007 Band Taiwan Invitation of 2007 Chiayi City International Band Festival
Steve Waters 2007 Band England Loan Tubby Tuba Score
Matthew Wood 2007 Band England Loan Music
Scott Weber 2007 Band USA Locating OOP Music
Kathy Stickl 2006 Band USA Information about music
Alan Jacob 2006 Band Canada Missing parts required
Simon Pulham (Suffolk County Band) 2006 Band England Loan of music
John Richmond 2006 Individual USA Request for tape of A Copland Tribute