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City of Swansea Concert Band

Rehearsal Times and Venue

rehearsal picture

A picture of us playing at the Marketplatz in Bad Orb, Germany in September 2010

Rehearsal Details

Rehearsals take place on a Wednesday in the All Souls Church Hall, Harlech Crescent, Tycoch Road, Sketty, Swansea SA2 9LP from 19.30 to 21.30. We find this allows ample time to get things right for concerts and events.

See below for a link to Google maps showing our rehearsal venue.

New members soon fit in and are warmly welcomed. If you feel like blowing (or hitting) your instrument in convivial company, you can simply turn up at a rehearsal and see our Musical Director, Stephen P Price (or any member of the band), or get in touch with him in advance on 07521 971331, email stevep147@googlemail.com, or with the band secretary, Gill Wildman on 07713 846454, email gillw1956@icloud.com.

We obviously prefer members to turn up regulalry, and most do, but we undestand each individual has their own commitments and appreciate whatever attendance they can make. Students tend not to be there during vacation (and at exam times), but we're terribly understanding and don't put any pressure on them.

Google map link to the location of All Souls Church Hall

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