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City of Swansea Concert Band

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Pop for Concert Band

Recorded live in Swansea Theatres, Taliesin or Penyrheol between 2000 – 2011

Musical Director - John S. Price

Track No


Arranged by

1         Beach Boys Forever Jerry Brubaker
2         Billy Joel In Concert Warren Barker
3         Boney M Superhits Steve McMillan
4         Hitsville USA John Wasson
5         It's My Life Frank Bernaerts
6         We Will Rock You Jan van Kraeydonck
7         Wham John Edmondson
8         99 Red Balloons Erwin Jaheris
9         Boogie Wonderland Jerry Nowak
10         Hands Up Manfred Schneider
11         Abba Gold Ron Sebregts
12         The Symphonic Beatles John Cacavas
13         Soul Bossa Nova adapted by John S. Price

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